Return of the Link Love!

I used to love doing link love posts, but for some reason a few months ago I lost my enthusiasm for it. I think it’s because work got really busy and I was having a hard time keeping up with my blog reading, so I decided to just ignore the whole thing. I know, brilliant strategy right? Well now that I’ve got a great new system in place for blog reading, (which I’ll blog about later) it’s time for the return of the link love! But first, check out what my awesome fiancée built us for exactly $0 using scavenged materials. He’s the greatest. (And if some of you ask, I bet he’d blog about how he did it.)

My new fire pit. Planning on lighting this baby up tonight.

Blog Posts I Love

B at Below Her Means scared her boss into a raise. Nice work B!

There’s a hilarious post at L Bee and the Money Tree about a panty eating dog. 

Jessica Moorehouse at Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses discovers that there’s another Jessica Moorehouse who’s also a blogger.

Jeremy at Modest Money once again shows me how much I don’t know about blogging with another installment of his blogging tips.

Daisy at Praire Eco-Thrifter writes about eco-friendly alternatives to the gym.

Daisy writes about how to save money on road trips over at When Life Gives You Lemons.

Andrea at the newly rechristened So Over This rants about the decline of customer service.


That’s all I’ve got this week, have a great weekend!

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  • Modest Money

    Great to see you back doing link round ups. They are awesome for building connections with other bloggers and building up more backlinks. Thanks for the mention.

    By the way, very cool fire pit.

    • Jordann


  • Earth and Money

    I would definitely be interested in hearing about how you guys built the fire pit!

    • Jordann

      Good! I think it’s worth learning about.

  • frugalportland

    I see a DIY post in your near future!

    • Jordann

      Now to just convince him to write it…

      • frugalportland

        Just start writing it and get a bunch of things wrong.

  • Debt Free Teen

    Great firepit. I hope you find an article on my site in the future! I’d love a mention :)

    • Jordann

      I’ll head over and check out your site now!

  • Brian

    Can’t wait to hear about your new blog reading strategy! That’s the key, finding the time to read and write.

    • Jordann

      Definitely! Finding the time has been tough for me but I think I’ve finally got a good system in place.

  • Miss T

    I love the firepit. It looks awesome. I am working on putting one in our yard too. They are so relaxing.

    Thanks for including Daisy’s article this week. I really appreciate it. She sure gave a lot of alternatives.

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