Sunshine Blogger Award


I'm very late to the game answering this, but at the end of August Liquid Independence from the Freedom 35 Blog nominated me for the sunshine blogger award. Thanks, Liquid! Here are my answers to the questions he asked (and keep reading to the bottom to see who I nominate). 1. Would you rather … [Read more...]

Crash Testing Your Finances


Common personal finance knowledge states that a typical emergency fund should contain three to six months of living expenses. This money helps cushion the blow of unfortunate events like job loss or having to replace a car. But it's one thing to hoard a bunch of cash in a savings account, and … [Read more...]

September 1st Net Worth Update!

My husband and I in Ottawa earlier this month.

Happy September! What a busy and expensive August this has been. You can always tell when my life gets busy because my blogging frequency goes way down. Earlier this month, my husband and I traveled to Ottawa for a friend's wedding. We stayed a total of five days and it was a great … [Read more...]

Ask Me Anything (Video Edition)

Ask Me Anything!

I've always loved the Ask Me Anything blog posts that my fellow bloggers put up. It's such an awesome chance to get to know them and to get your burning questions answered once and for all. I've never done an Ask Me Anything blog post, until now. So here's the deal: Ask me anything! Got questions … [Read more...]