November 1st Net Worth Update!

It’s starting to get colder, the creep of winter is in the air!

Oh Hello November. So nice to see you!

Seriously, I’m really happy it’s November. This October was a little crazy. Between my new staff writing gig, my freelance income picking up, my photography class in full swing, a recent crackdown on productivity at work, and my half marathon training, I have been running around like crazy. November is going to represent a fresh start where I make a new attempt at staying organized!

October Money Sucks

It wasn’t so much stuff that was sucking my money away this month as it was events. Here are all of the events that sucked my money away in October:

  • My birthday party
  • My anniversary
  • A trip with the fiancé
  • A Halloween party and associated costumes
  • Stuff for the wedding

Sooo needless to say November is going to be a quiet month party wise while we gear up for Christmas.

Total Debt ($-23,186.26) (-5.4%)

BIG difference on the debt front this month. I was able to put my usual $400 extra student loan payment down, along with my minimum payment of $301.46. I also got to pay an additional $1200 onto my student loan from my car insurance settlement, and paid my usual $206.50 car payment. All of this combined for a whooping $2107.96 in payments this month. Woohoo! That means three debt rollovers this month! My student loans now stand at about $14,200, my car has $8,979 left owing, and my total debt is down to $23,186! This also marks the third consecutive month of paying over a grand towards my debt. I’m so happy I’m able to keep this streak up!

I’ve got to say, now that my student loan debt is below 15k, I feel like I can really see the end of it in sight. This month I’ll have half of it paid off, and who’s to say that I won’t be able to pay the other half off in another 12 months? It would take an equal amount of dedication as I’ve put into it in the past year, but I think that’s doable. It’s something to think about, anyway.

Networth ($-9,023.81) (-18%)

Since I haven’t spent the left over $800 from my car insurance settlement, for the moment I’m able to see what being only negative four figures for net worth is like. It feels nice! I can’t wait until I’m permanently in this arena, not occasionally dipping into it when I have a peak of cash like I have been so far.

Going Forward

Next month should be a good month for debt repayment as I’ll have some freelance income coming in to boost my payments. Photography class is winding down, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to do some bartering and have some dog obedience classes starting up. I’ve also got the beginnings of marathon training to attend to, and let’s not forget that I’m getting MARRIED in 233 days. This weekend I’m going to sit down and plan out the next month, otherwise I think I might drown.


Since I’ve blown my official goals for 2012 out of the water, each month I’ve been setting a few unofficial goals to keep myself busy. Here’s how I did on last month’s goals:

  • Be Organized – FAIL. I got lazy, I didn’t stay organized, and I paid the price.
  • Paint the Bedroom – FAIL. We spent the money on booze for our various parties instead. It was worth it to have a very fun month though.

This Months Goals, I’m going to keep simple:

  • Run 30km – I’m picking this to motivate myself to really get into half marathon training. It’s a nice and easy target.
  • Get 50% of Christmas Shopping Done – If I leave this any longer, I’ll be scrambling. I love online shopping, but I won’t be able to take advantage of that if I leave things too long!

So that’s my monthly recap. How was your October? I want to know!

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  • Michelle

    I can’t wait until my student loans are that low, bet it feels great!

    • Jordann

      It sure does, but having none at all will feel better.

  • frugalportland

    233 days!!!! Nice work this month. Also I fully endorse booze over paint. :-)

    • Jordann

      Hehe I’m glad you approve. It was totally worth it.

  • Anne @ Unique Gifter

    Wooot! That’s an awesome month :-) Bonus cash makes motivation so much easier, doesn’t it?! I am very, very impressed with all of your productivity and goings-on. I still have two walls to paint, too :-)

    • Jordann

      You can do it!

  • Plunged in Debt

    Wow, good for you Jordann, you’ve done great! Happy wedding planning, those 233 days will fly by!

    • Jordann

      I know! I really need to buckle down and get some things planned. This weekend we’re doing the invitations.

  • Veronica @ Pelican on Money

    That’s really awesome that you’re staying on top of paying off your debt. To dedicated more than 1k each month – bravo! Keep it up!

    • Jordann

      Thanks! I’m really trying to keep it up.

  • Newlyweds ona Budget

    you have been doing AWESOME with paying down debt! I got my student loans under $20,000 this past month and I am THRILLED! I’ve been stuck around that $20,000 mark for a while. I hope to get it to $10,000 by the end of next year!

    • Jordann

      Under $20,000 is a big milestone! You should be proud.

  • Cait Flanders

    Way to kill it on the debt repayment last month, Jordann! Seriously, you should be proud of yourself. I don’t doubt for a minute that you’ll be able to pay off your student loans by the end of next year. Good luck w/ your goals for this month :)

    • Jordann

      Thanks for the vote of confidence! I’m still about $3,000 short for paying my student loans off in 12 months, hopefully I’ll be able to rustle that up between now and then.

  • Budget & the Beach

    Glad you got to put so much towards your debt repayment! Good luck with your goals, and I need to stay organized too.

    • Jordann

      Staying organized is TOUGH, but it’s worth it to not have the stress of scrambling to get everything done.

  • Miss T

    I think you are doing great. All months have their ups and downs but we still make progress. I am so excited for wedding. It really is an amazing day in ones’ life.

    • Jordann

      I think you said it right, months go up and down. This one was an up month.

  • G.B. @ In Budgets We Trust

    Congrats on all the progress! You’re doing fantastic! I’ve got 201 days to go myself :) Was the anniversary a dating anniversary?

    • Jordann

      Yup! Our first date was a little over nine years ago.

  • John S @ Frugal Rules

    Great work! It’s always nice to see that debt go in the right direction.

    • Jordann


  • http://Www.Plantingourpennies.Com/ Mrs PoP @ PlantingOurPennies

    Yay for tracking net worth and progress!

  • OutlierModel

    October and November are going to be kind of wonky for us – we’re moving, buying a condo, selling off a bunch of stuff and my “official” student loan payments kick in. :S I’ll probably look at my net worth at the end of the year…

    • Jordann

      When things change it’s really hard to stay on track financially, or to even know what “on track” is!

  • CanadianBudgetBinder

    The best thing about setting goals is you get to strive towards reaching them and we can also see areas we need to improve. We’re hoping 2013 will be a better year taking what we learned in 2012 and putting it into practice. I’ll be posting my Budget and Net Worth Update, next week. Keep at it. Cheers Mr.CBB

    • Jordann

      I’m definitely hoping for a better 2013, although 2012 has been pretty great so far!