Minimalist Christmas Gifts

Minimalist Christmas GiftFirst off I’m going to say that if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet, get your butt in gear! Don’t you know it’s less than a week till Christmas?

That said, if you still can’t possibly come up with a decent Christmas gift for that minimalist in your life, I’ve come up with a few suggestions.

Buying Christmas Gifts for a Minimalist

As someone with minimalist tendencies, Christmas is a problematic time of year for me. After all, hardly  a Christmas will go by that doesn’t involve me receiving at least one totally useless item. There is simply no room in my life for useless items, so I’m typically faced with the hard decision of getting rid of it while feeling like a terrible person, or finding some place to stow the gift until I can get rid of it guilt free.

That’s not really a winning situation for anyone involved. So, what to get a person that doesn’t like stuff?

The first thought that jumps to my mind would be a gift card. That’s a pretty minimalist gift, right? WRONG!

As small and unassuming and minimalist as a gift card might seem, if it’s from a store like Wal-Mart, the Home Depot, or the mall, it’s really not minimalist at all. It’s just another item, disguised as minimalism. Albeit, the minimalist in question will be able to spend the money on whatever they deem fit and will hopefully buy something useful, it’s still a means to consuming more stuff, and therefore, not truly minimalist.

Top Minimalist Christmas Gifts


Last year, I got a great gift from my mother. She paid for a photography course for me. I’ve been interested in DSLR photography for a long time but I’ve always been intimidated when looking up information online. The course was a great basic introduction and I’m so happy she got it for me. Classes can be a great gift for a minimalist, whether it’s yoga, photography, or pet obedience (which I asked for this year). Since it’s an experience you’re gifting, it definitely qualifies as minimalist.

Gift Cards

Wait what? Oh yeah, there are tons of gifts cards that definitely qualify as minimalist gifts. Gift cards for things like movie money, iTunes  the Google Play store, restaurants and the spa are great gifts, without adding clutter to their lifestyle. If you wanted to make it even more minimalistic you could forgo the actual gift card and send a couple of cute or funny Christmas eCards and an online transfer.

Things to Help Declutter

As a minimalist, I don’t hate every single material possession some one gives me. To the contrary, I love receiving gifts! With all that stuff I receive, it would be nice to get a gift to help me keep all my stuff straight! Things like cord organizers, drawer dividers and fashionable storage can all be great gifts for a minimalist. My current favourite Christmas stocking stuffer is this guy, I want one for my bedside table!


I might have minimalist tendencies, but I love food. Good quality cheeses, chocolates, and wine would be great Christmas gifts to me. Especially since I’ll enjoy consuming them, and they won’t take up valuable space in my house once they’re spent.

Your Time

Got a skill your dear minimalist is in need of? Offer it up as a gift! This might seem cheap to some, but I would personally love this as a gift for Christmas. Whether it’s cleaning, gardening, cooking, or auto repair, being able to get stuff done for free is fine by me.

Shopping for a Minimalist Doesn’t Have to be Torture

Yes, minimalists are little more tricky to shop for. Yes, they have a little different idea of what a ‘good’ gift is. That doesn’t mean that shopping for a minimalist is impossible though! With a little thought and a perspective change, minimalist Christmas gifts are all around, you just need to know what to look for.

Do you have a minimalist in your life? Are you getting him or her a Christmas gift? I want to know!

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  • Budget & the Beach

    I like the idea of sharing your time. I mean we all could use help in some way. I love the cord organizer!

    • Jordann


  • Jason @ WorkSaveLive

    I’m down for the cheese and wine! Where do I sign up??

    I try not to be too anal during this time of year and focus more on the thought the other person put into trying to give me something.

    • Jordann

      Oh me too, I am almost always happy with what I get for Christmas…almost. :)

  • John S @ Frugal Rules

    There are many gifts out there that you can get and be minimalist. Seeing as we’re trying to de-clutter our house my wife and I are trying to take this to heart.

    • Jordann

      If you’re trying to declutter, getting minimalist Christmas gifts is a great way to not set yourself back a few weeks after Christmas.

  • Lauren Bee

    Obsessed with containers and baskets. if someone got me these as a gift I would be ecstatic.

    • Jordann

      I know right? It’s definitely and underrated Christmas gift.

  • Bridget

    ok classes as a gift is the best idea I’ve ever seen. There’s so many out there too, so you can get everything from a $45 afternoon cooking class to a $500 scuba diving class, depending on who you’re shopping for. GENIUS.

    • Jordann

      Hey thanks!

  • Anna Newell Jones

    these are great ideas! stuff just takes up time with all the maintenance it needs: cleaning, organizing, re-arranging, returning it, feeling guilty about it, and even deciding on it in the 1st place, etc. less is more!

    • Jordann

      Exactly! The less stuff you have, the better.

  • Greg@ClubThrifty

    Ah!!! I wrote about shopping for my wife today…It is so difficult, but these are great ideas. Unfortunately, my wife is a minimalist AND a miser, so that makes it even harder:)

    • Jordann

      Sounds like a tough nut to crack!

  • Brent Pittman

    I’m way behind! Need to really start thinking about shopping.

    • Jordann

      Get your butt in gear! :)

  • OutlierModel

    Classes are a great way to give a gift – I like the fact that you’re not giving ‘something’ but something they can use. Knowledge is more valuable than stuff!

    • Jordann

      Thanks! I love that gift idea, and will be making use of it this year.

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  • Miss T

    These are great ideas. I have gotten gift cards for things I know people really like in the past. It’s great. I must say it is nice not doing presents the last couple years though. It sure takes the pressure off. I am sure that will change once grandchildren come though. My parents and in laws won’t be able to help themselves. lol.

    • Jordann

      In my experience grand kids get spoiled like CRAZY by grand parents! My sister-in-law routinely returns a car full of presents every year after Christmas!

  • Anne @ Unique Gifter

    Great points – I wish more people gave these types of gifts to non-minimalists! I’ve taken to only giving “experience” or “needed” type gifts to the cousin’s kids. Last year that meant a pair of snowboarding socks and a bunch of baking mixes with some silicone cupcake liners.
    We’ll have Christmas with that group again next year and I’ll probably be picking a family pass to the zoo or something like that.

  • See Debt Run

    Clark Howard recently praised the procrastinators of the world by telling us the secret that retailers don’t want us to know; all the big sales start on the 21st! 😉 I’m not that brave personally. I have *most* of my shopping done. Btw, if any of my friends and family are reading, I would LOVE a gift of promised time! Anyone who wants to gift me help with our future remodeling project this Spring, I’ll love you forever!

  • Pauline

    Food is a great idea, I’d like an experience as well, a night out or a nice dinner. And basic items that I plan to replace.

  • Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses

    Classes! That’s such a good idea. I’ve never thought of that before.

  • Johnny Crosskey

    I am the minimalist in my life and all these gifts sound like heaven to me. I try to convince my family to get me these things (add sports tickets) each year and I still get clothes. (Sigh…) Maybe this year.

  • Mindy Wood

    I think sharing your time is the very best gift but I’ve also had to realize that some people have much more money than they have time which is why your other suggestions are great too! Following now!

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  • Kyle James

    To piggy back on the gift of time – how about a $15 Home Depot gift card with a coupon for 4 hours of your labor. As a big do-it-yourselfer, I would LOVE that as a gift!

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