Friday Link Love & Life Update

Happy Friday! I’m pretty excited for the weekend, my fiance and I are celebrating our nine year anniversary tonight. Being ever frugal as we are, we’re doing a dinner and movie combo, followed by Starbucks using a gift card I got for my birthday.

Life Updates

A few life updates for anyone that finds me interesting (anyone?). Photography class finished up last night and I’m really happy it’s over. I enjoyed the class, but it was a lot of work for relatively little return on time investment.  It was also a 30 minute drive away, so that was kind of annoying.

She looks perfect, but every dog can benefit from obedience classes.

In with the old and out with the new, I’ve just finished my photography course and I’ll be starting an obedience course with my dog Molly shortly. She’s settled into our home beautifully since we adopted her from the SPCA in June, but there are a few things that need polished up. Fortunately I’m hoping to barter some marketing work with the trainer, so the course will (hopefully) not cost anything.

Finally, I’ve gone and decided to hop into the Miss Movember 5k race November 24th. I’m not in any kind of shape, but I thought this would give me good motivation to start running consistently, and it definitely has! I’m really good at finding excuses not to run, but since deciding to race, I haven’t missed a single workout, go me!

There’re a few other blog related things in the works too, but I won’t say any more about them until I’ve got things a little more firmed up. On to link love!

Blogs Posts I Love

Kathleen at Frugal Portland writes about her personal philosophy.

Catherine at Plunged in Debt goes over the financial benefits of making many meals at once. I definitely want to try this!

Kristina at Dinks Finance muses over “no kid zone” establishments  I’d love a no kids allowed movie theatre where I could order a beer.

Head over to Budget and the Beach to weigh in on whether self hosted wordpress is worth it. (It is!)

Carrie at Careful Cents talks about raising your freelancing rates.

Cait at Blonde On A Budget mourns the loss of her five day old TCC pass.

Vanessa at Vanessa’s Money writes a scathing and spot on review of a post that should never see the light of day.

Bloggers that Loved Me

Thanks for the mentions this week!

I Pick Up Pennies
Frugal Rules

What’re your plans this weekend? What’re your favorite frugal way to celebrate a night out? I want to know!

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  • Plunged in Debt

    Thanks for the love :) Good luck with doggy!

    • Jordann


  • Michelle

    Wow 9 years! And I thought me and my bf were together for a long time haha

    • Jordann

      We had our trials and tribulations, but yup it’s been nine years! Crazy how time flies.

  • John S @ Frugal Rules

    Have fun tonight! My wife and Iare going out tonight to celebrate her birthday, which is actually next Wednesday…not certain what we’re doing yet.

    • Jordann

      My anniversary was last week, we waited until this week to see the movie we wanted to see, it’s worth it to wait sometimes.

  • Budget & the Beach

    Thanks for the link love and because of everyone’s advice I moved on it quickly and it took no time at all for Andrea at Nuts & Bolts Media to get it transferred over. A new chapter! :)

    • Jordann

      I’m starting a project with Andrea soon, she seems like she’s great to work with!

  • holly

    We have a babysitter on Saturday night so we are going to do a little child-free shopping (on a budget, of course) and go out to dinner. I cannot wait! I hope you have a great one!

    • Jordann

      Sounds like a good night out!

  • Miss T

    Happy anniversary. Good for you guys. 9 years is something to celebrate. We will have been together for 5 years next month. Time flies.

    Your puppy is so cute!

    Best of luck with the 5 k race. I am sure you will do great.

    • Jordann

      Thanks, thanks, and thanks!

  • Richuncle EL

    Nice post, I think doing the 5K will give you a boost of confidence once you complete it. I have done several and I enjoy running them.

    • Jordann

      I definitely enjoy races, it’s a great atmosphere and it’s nice to be around other enthusiastic runners.

  • Cait Flanders

    Thanks for the link, lady! I want to start running again this weekend… should I slug my way through a 5K of my own choosing? haha

    • Jordann

      It’s really good motivation! Even if your time isn’t the best, it’s a great way to get back into running!

  • Marissa

    I took a photography class recently, and while I didn’t learn as much as I wanted, I did learn enough to make it worth it.

    • Jordann

      I would definitely consider it good knowledge to have, but not necessarily life changing information.

  • FrugalPortland

    Thanks for the link! I’m in a photography class now and it’s been really worthwhile.

    • Jordann

      Awesome! I’m glad you’re enjoying learning how to use your new camera.

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