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This Weekend’s Declutter: The Office Nook

Last weekend I tackled my spare bedroom to cross the entire upstairs off my list to declutter before my move […]

They Can’t Afford a House, Wah.

The other day I happened to be listening to CBC when I heard this profile of a young couple and […]

With nice shiny clean floors.

This Weekend’s Declutter: The Spare Bedroom

Ding-dong the upstairs is done! This weekend I continued my plan to gradually declutter my home by tackling the spare […]


Achievement Unlocked: $25,000 Before 25

Ok so I’ve been spending too much time playing Xbox with my husband recently, because this is what came to […]


Oops! I have credit card debt.

It started out innocently enough. I saw an awesome t-shirt at a record store in New Orleans that I just […]


This Weekend’s Declutter: The Bathroom

In between turkey dinners this Thanksgiving weekend, I tackled my bathroom as part of my decluttering binge this Fall. Since […]


I’m Officially Injured, Missing Money & Apartment Hunting

Happy Friday! This week went by very slowly and I’ve been feeling quite sluggish, so I’m glad we’ve got a […]

My bedroom post decluttering.

Fall Decluttering

Check out my guest appearance on Cash Cow Couple for Woman Crush Wednesday, where a bunch of other bloggers and I […]

My net worth over the past 12 months.

$25,000 Before Age 25

In my latest net worth update, I revealed that I had a net worth of $24,769 – and made the […]


The Versatile Blogger Award

This blog post seemed like an appropriate topic to tackle on a Friday, before getting into the much more serious […]


October 1st Net Worth Update!

October is one of my favourite months. It’s got my birthday in it, (turning the big quarter century this year!), […]


A Sore Foot and 100 Days Left in 2014

On Saturday I went for a great run on one of the last warm days this fall. I did 6km at […]