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How I Cured My Dog from Running Away

I’ve had my dog Molly for going on two years now. We brought her home from the SPCA just two […]

Down Time

This weekend I did a wonderful thing: nothing. I did no work! I can’t remember the last time I went […]

My Pre-House Purchase (3)

My Pre-House Purchase Checklist

Through out my teenaged and young adult life, I’ve thought about the kind of house I would own one day. […]


I Can’t Take Any More Summer

Wow, what a summer this has been. Honestly, I think this summer has been busier than last summer, and I […]


Eating Healthier and Staying On Budget

I’ve been putting a lot of effort into exercising more lately, but I’ve also been trying to eat better. I’ve […]


Finding My Way Back to Fitness

I’ve been focusing a lot on getting my fitness back this summer, I sort of fell off the exercise train […]


Getting The Hang Of Saving

*When I say “I” in this post, I mean we (my husband and I) because we have combined finances.* We’re […]

How I Curb My Online Shopping

How I Curb My Online Shopping

Besides my brief stint as a shopping addict, I haven’t been much of a shopper in my life time. My […]


August 1st Net Worth Update

Is it just me or did July just fly by? This month was super busy for me. I had a […]


The Dream Job That Wasn’t Meant to Be

In October I wrote a very triumphant post about how I had quit my job and taken a new opportunity […]


Frugal Life Choices That Make Me Weird

When I was paying off my debt, I did some pretty frugal things to save a buck. I house sat […]


How Much Debt Would I Have If I Hadn’t Paid it Off?

Every once in awhile, I wonder about the road not taken. What would life have been like if I hadn’t […]