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The Dream Job That Wasn’t Meant to Be

In October I wrote a very triumphant post about how I had quit my job and taken a new opportunity […]

Frugal Life Choices That Make Me Weird

When I was paying off my debt, I did some pretty frugal things to save a buck. I house sat […]


How Much Debt Would I Have If I Hadn’t Paid it Off?

Every once in awhile, I wonder about the road not taken. What would life have been like if I hadn’t […]

I shopped for the thrill of the hunt. It wasn't healthy.

Are You Buying Stuff to Feel Better?

I’ve got a list of items saved on my computer that I want to buy. It’s nothing dramatic, a new […]

fun and frugal ways to get fit this summer

3 Fun and Frugal Ways I’m Getting Fit this Summer

If I had to pick one phrase to define my experience this summer, it would be “physical activity”. I’ve been […]


Debt Should Not be Part of Your Budget

I got an interesting tweet from a reader a few weeks ago. He asked me what would be a good […]


Where Does All My Spending Money Go?

Within the next few months, I plan to remove the money I’d poured into my budget after my emergency fund […]


Understanding Inescapable Truths About Yourself

Getting out of debt is all about changing habits. You change your spending habits, you change your saving habits. You […]


July 1st Net Worth Update!

Happy Canada day! I hope everyone got to celebrate as much as I did. We’re officially in the full swing […]


How I’m Saving Money on Canada Day

Summer time is definitely an expensive season. Living in Canada, I like to take advantage of warm sunny weather before […]


My Financial Vices

Ok, it’s confession time. I’ve come a long way in my money management skills. I budget, I pay off my […]


The 5 Stages of Running and Debt

I’m coming up on two very significant anniversaries. The first one is my one year wedding anniversary. This Sunday my […]