We Are What We Repeatedly Do


Aristotle said that, and he's right. Do you fancy yourself a runner, but your shoes are gathering dust in your closet? Do you like to think of yourself as frugal, but you buy lunch at work every day? Do you long to get out of debt, but blow every paycheque at the bar after work? We are what we … [Read more...]

Wins and Losses


Some weeks seem to drag on and drag while others seem to fly by before I'm even sure what happened. This week was a flyer. It's probably because last weekend was a long weekend here, so I didn't get back to work until Tuesday. And now I'm back in my hometown for the weekend, putting a day in at the … [Read more...]

When Do You Need a Loan?

When you are working hard to be frugal and to pay off debt, loans can feel like the worst things in the world. It’s understandable that you would be wary of them--especially if you’ve had credit issues and income issues in the past. Sometimes, though, loans can be a good thing and can even be … [Read more...]

Mid-Year Goal Check-In


I'm a big fan of goal setting, and every year in January, I sit down and set five or six goals. These goals set the direction and tone of my year, and I take achieving them pretty seriously. This year is no different, so let's take a look at where I'm at with my goals for the year. Accumulate … [Read more...]