10 Days in France


I'm back from my vacation in France, a whole ten days spent with no deadlines, no pets to feed or housework to do. It was nothing short of amazing, and everything went according to plan, except for one small hiccup on the very last leg of the journey. The trip across the atlantic ocean was pretty … [Read more...]

2014: a Year in Review

My net worth in 2014.

Since it's almost the end of the year I thought I'd take a moment to look at how I've done on my goals for 2014. This year was my most ambitious year yet in terms of goal setting. Overall I planned to save $23,000, and with some well timed tax returns and other windfall money, along with $7,500 in … [Read more...]

December 1st Net Worth Update!


Well I'm really happy to put November to bed, what a busy month that was! Between various physio, doctor, dentist, hair and blood donation appointments, and Christmas shopping, I feel like I've been travelling into the city every single night. I'm looking forward to December, part of which will be … [Read more...]