I’m a Bad Minimalist


I happily subscribe to most of the commandments of minimalism. I try to live with less, I don't waste my money on useless knick-knacks, and my drawers are filled only with items I actually use. But there's one area of minimalism I have a hard time getting on board with, and that's owning a small … [Read more...]

A Minimalist’s Dilemma


As a minimalist, I try to live with less. I declutter regularly, I think long and hard about purchases before clicking the "order" button online, and I'm rarely sentimental about old possessions. At least once per year, I go through my home, room by room and methodically remove about 25% of my … [Read more...]

Inversely Proportional


One of my favourite parts about publishing my monthly net worth updates is looking back at how much cash I used to pay towards my debt every month. For the last year and a half of my debt repayment journey, it was usually over $1,000. I know this because there was always this little notation in … [Read more...]

Want vs. Needs: Car Edition

My current

Cars. I love and hate them. I love how convenient they can be, I hate how much they cost. This weekend, I dropped $900 on car repairs, and to do so I had to access my emergency fund for the first time since I put $10,000 in it over a year ago. In fact, almost every time I've dipped into my emergency … [Read more...]