Wins and Losses


Some weeks seem to drag on and drag while others seem to fly by before I'm even sure what happened. This week was a flyer. It's probably because last weekend was a long weekend here, so I didn't get back to work until Tuesday. And now I'm back in my hometown for the weekend, putting a day in at the … [Read more...]

Mid-Year Goal Check-In


I'm a big fan of goal setting, and every year in January, I sit down and set five or six goals. These goals set the direction and tone of my year, and I take achieving them pretty seriously. This year is no different, so let's take a look at where I'm at with my goals for the year. Accumulate … [Read more...]

Wins and Losses

We visited the park this week.

Happy Friday! It's been a pretty fun and fast week here. The sun has been (mostly) shining, and I've been making some good progress on my goals and routines. This weekend a whole mess of family is descending on my household for a visit, so as you read this I'm probably flying around my apartment, … [Read more...]

How to Make Saving Money Fun


When I was paying off my $38,000 in debt, I was obsessed. I tracked numbers relentlessly. I religiously updated my debt repayment spreadsheet with every extra payment, and I could tell you on any given day how much I'd paid toward my debt that month. Becoming debt free was an obsession, and it paid … [Read more...]